Don Farrall opened Light-Works Studio, Inc. in Lincoln, NE in 1988.  Since then, Don has produced photography for local, regional, national and international clients. Being based in "fly-over country", Don had to become well-versed in a wide variety of photographic styles, with a wide range of photographic skills.  Fortunately for Don, a nationally recognized advertising and marketing firm, Swanson Russell ( is also located in Lincoln.  Since coming to Lincoln, Don has been the main "Studio/Product Photographer" of choice for Swanson Russell, producing award-winning work for their clients. 


Video Production

In 2019, Don added Video Production capabilities to the services being offered by Light-Works Studio, Inc.  Years of shooting "stills" are proving to be a valuable asset to this new endeavor.  The general activities involved in the production of images, moving or still, involve a lot of cross-over activities and skills.  In either case, content is produced to capture attention and motivate the viewer.  Don's relentless pursuit for quality can be seen in the careful attention to lighting, and a genuine desire to achieve the highest quality final product.  Light-Works Studio  has invested heavily in the supporting equipment to achieve this goal.  In 2020, a Video Recording suite was built within the larger studio.  This suite features 12-ft. ceilings and the proper acoustic treatments to provide an excellent audio and lighting environment for interview-style videos.  The latest equipment addition is a production- grade Teleprompter, providing the option for scripted on-camera recording of complex dialogue.


In 2018, Madison Sobotka started working at Light-Works Studio as an intern.  Madison is currently studying photography at Metropolitan Community College.  As often as possible, Madison is on-set with Don assisting with shoot productions, and at times operating the camera.   A review of the

Studio / Crew page will introduce site visitors to Madison and a few of Light-Works Studio's  regular clients.  The Studio / Crew section, also provides a bit of a glimpse of our "behind the scene" activities; check back often for updates on our latest projects.

Since 1996, Don has been a Top Tier Image Provider for Getty images.  Through Getty, Don's images have been used worldwide, and through that exposure Don has received assignment work for national clients including:  Asics Footwear, World Financial Group, and Microsoft.
A review of Don's work will show a high level of attention to detail, and a style that is very clean and precise.  Beyond the basic product work, Don has developed methods for capturing objects and liquids in motion, and this has become one of Don's signature specialties that continues to attract clients from far beyond "fly-over country".

Client List:  ( work produced in conjunction with Swanson Russell )  Rainbird Irrigation, Textron, Sig Sauer, Weatherby Rifles, Leupold & Stevens Optics, Blackhawk Tactical Gear, Nosler Ammunition, Otis Technology, Humminbird & Minnkota (Johnson Outdoor), Hodgdon Powder, FMC, Bryan Hospital, Pepsi, Turface Athletics, Koch Agra Science. With the addition of providing Video Production Services, Light-Works is now working regularly with KidGlov and Eleanor Creative, two of Lincoln's Marketing and Branding firms that cater to small businesses and non-profits.   Through KidGlov, video projects have been completed for "Prosper Lincoln" and "Region Five Services of Nebraska".  Through Eleanor Creative, video projects have been completed for "Lighthouse", "Lincoln Medical Education Partnership",  "Innovative Pain and Spine" and The" Lincoln Covid Response project".
Client Direct - Client List:  Lucua 1100 (department store in Osaka Japan), Asics Foorwear, World Financial Group, Microsoft Corporation, Licor Bio-Science, Smoking Gun Jerky, Inc.

Contact Don to discuss your project, big or small, he will be happy to add you to his client list.

Light-Works Studio, Inc.   2348 N St. Suite 100,  Lincoln, NE  68510

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